Penetration Testing 101: What You Need To Know

Penetration testing is something many otherwise security savvy computer users have never heard of before. Why? Because their knowledge of computer and network security doesn’t extend much further than the defensive side of things: security firewalls, antivirus software and malware scanners. Pen...
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Shaken, Not Stirred – Feel like a 00 Agent with the Ultimate USB Gadget

Unfortunately, there are no ejecting cars, exploding pens or sleep gas emitting whistle fobs readily available on the market at the moment. There is however, a new data storage, recovery and deletion device and technology which is the next best thing. The day and age that we live in means that data...
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How to Make Sure that Your Data is Safe in the Cloud

Cloud solutions are becoming an indispensable and widely used tool, for both businesses and individuals. Their rapid increase in popularity is not really surprising when you consider all of their benefits, including cheap and easily scalable storage, access to different useful applications that you don’t...
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Geek Pride: Why Being a Geek is Suddenly Cool

The No. 1 movie in the country this summer is “Star Trek.” The most anticipated new show of the fall TV season, “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,” is based on a comic book. And Mark Zuckerberg’s new wife is hotter (and a heck of a lot smarter) than anyone Leonardo DiCaprio has dated lately....
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Microsoft Geeks Now Abandoning Ship

In an incredibly important year for technology, Microsoft has currently released their new Windows 8 operating system, along with the newest release of their Xbox One gaming console; however, more and more people are quickly tossing down their brand loyalty and moving on to other popular companies for...
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Is the Samsung Galaxy S4 the Best Geek Phone on the Market?

The recent geek news about the Samsung S4 was surrounded by a lot of hype, and this excitement is still lingering around the product. The device has a lot to live up to and there is no denying that there has been more excitement surrounding the S4 than any other Android to date. So far, the device has...
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Hybrid Mobile Apps – New Revolutions in Mobile Technology

The growth of mobile technology in the last couple of years is simply incredible. New inventions and innovations in mobile technology made personal life and the business more effective and powerful. We can’t think about a day without mobile. New improvisations in mobile technology accelerated the speed...
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star wars nerd

The Hottest Online Hangouts for Film Geeks

Whether you’re striving to become the next Tarantino or the next critic who deconstructs cult horror films, you’re not alone. Films often turn into bonding experiences, and no one bonds over great films quite like film geeks. That’s why the world is full of hangouts – both virtual and physical...
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Geek Gifts

Special Geek Gifts for Your Geek

Have a special someone who has a birthday coming up? Or a friend? Or, hey, maybe you just want to be a nice, awesome person, and give someone a gift just out of the kindness of your heart. What can you get your special, geek friend? Well, geek gifts, of course! But, where can you go to find a geek gifts?...
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Can Being a Geek Increase my Risk of an Injury or Illness!

I am a Geek I know it, and everyone who has met me knows it. Just looking at the set-up of my workstation would tell you that. A mechanical keyboard with cherry blue keys for improved typing, a high profile 15,000 dpi mouse for that increased sensitivity and my dual low latency monitor setup which is...
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